Automatic backup, improved transfer speeds and better data security are a breeze with the Sony HD-E1/B 1 TB external hard drive

Key Features

  • External Hard Drive
  • Capacity: 1 TB
  • Interface: USB v3.0 and USB v2.0
  • Security: Password protection with Password Protection Manager software
  • Backup: Preloaded back up Manager software
  • Dimensions: Approx. 80 x 16 x 126 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 230g
  • 1 Year Sony Warranty


Enjoy the wonders of storing all your information in one place with the all new Sony external hard drive. It is easier now to rewind all your memories. Refrain yourself from the cumbersome work of looking around in innumerable pen drives. Lead a hassle free life as with the 1 TB hard drive. The prestigious brand in the category of electronics, Sony will also provide you with a one-year warranty coverage against any major manufacturing errors and faulty issues while you are using the hard drive.Sony 1 TB External Hard Drive

Storage and Portability

Clear excess data from your personal computer and laptop and store it on this Sony HD-E1/BC 2.5-inch 1 TB external hard disk. Your laptops and computers will run fast and smooth if it is less data clogged on their hard drive. This hard disk has ample space to easily store large and small size files, applications, games and software. You can carry this hard disk anywhere you go and access your music, movies and files anytime. The Sony external hard disk drive 1 TB comes with 3 year manufacturer warranty.

Faster Transfers and Compatibility

Access your data with ease anytime with this Sony 1 TB external hard disk. This disk supports both USB v2.0 that transfers files at 480 Mbps and USB v3.0 that offers fast data transfers files at 5GBps. With Data Transfer Accelerator software, the data transfer rate of USB v3.0 is amplified to offer transfers at blazing speed. The Sony 1 TB external hard drive is supported by Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X 10.4 or later and Mac OS supports only USB v2.0.

Security and Backup

The Sony 1 TB external hard drive offers superior data backup and security. You can easily protect your data by sealing the access rights with password protection that is facilitated by the Password Protection Manager software and prevent its unauthorized access. Take a backup of an entire disk drive, business files and folders on this Sony external hard disk drive 1 TB with ease, as it is preloaded with Back up Manager software. This software automatically makes a second copy of your data to prevent any kind of data loss and keeps your data super secure.

Sony External Hard Drive (1 TB) Price: Rs. 4,750/-