Bluestar Bottled Water Dispenser comes with Long-lasting plastic front panel and faucets.

Bluestar Bottled Water Dispenser - water cooler

Bluestar Bottled Water Dispenser


Blue star serves clean water to you at the temperature of your desire. Be it cold or hot or you wish to drink some lukewarm water, it can serve you with all sorts & types of water for drinking or any other purpose.

Blue star Bottled Water Dispenser is available with long-lasting plastic front panel and faucets, conveniently removable drip tray, LEDís to indicate primary function, Stylish faucets for absolute convenience, Lower power consumption, Bimetal sensors to ensure overheating protection.

Bluestar Bottled Water Dispenser price in india Rs. 3,000/- approx. Bluestar Bottled Water Cooler is available with best price in india and best features.

Key Features

  • Easy to clean
  • Anti-corrosive and no costly maintenance
  • Spill proof bottle holder
  • Quiet operation
  • Plain/Cold/Hot water option
  • Compact design taking very less space