Logitech Z5500 Digital Speaker home theatre System price in india

Logitech Z5500 Digital Speaker home theatre System price in india

New Logitech Speaker System Z5500 from Logitech is designed to deliver theater-quality surround sound for your music, movies, and games.

Live your best home entertainment moment of life with this logitech speaker system.Your movies, music and games the way the studio meant them to be heard—in true THX-certified digital surround sound. From the pitter-patter of rain in your favorite movie to the ground-shaking explosion in your favorite game, this speaker system totally immerses you in a theater-style surround sound experience

The Logitech Z-5500 speaker system tries to be a system for everybody from PC users, to entry-level home theater and console gaming consumers. It does fairly well overall, but you have to be careful what you connect it to since every device decodes audio a little differently.

Many call the Z-5500 Digital speakers the best multimedia system ever. 505-watt RMS and a deep note 25.4 cm (10″) subwoofer deliver thundering power, THX-certified, high fidelity, theatre-quality sound. You can simultaneously connect up to 6 audio sources (PCs, video game consoles and DVD/CD/portable music players). Innovative satellite design with removable cloth grilles and rotating pedestals allow desk placement or wall-mounting, so you can transform any room into a home theatre.

Logitech Z5500 Digital Speaker home theatre System

Logitech Z5500 home theater

z5500 home theater  key Features

  • Onboard 5.1 digital decoding
  • 500-watt (RMS) surround sound
  • Aluminum, phase-plug satellites
  • THX-certified sound
  • Wall-mountable satellites
  • Wireless remote
  • SoundTouch control panel
  • 10-inch (25.4 cm) long-throw subwoofer
  • Digital and analog inputs

Logitech Speaker system Specs

  • 500 watts RMS
  • Signal to noise ratio: >93.5 dB, typical 100
  • Maximum SPL: >115 dB
  • Frequency response: 33 Hz — 20 kHz
  • Sub-woofer: 187 watts RMS – into 8 ohms,100Hz, 10% THD
  • Left/Right: 61 watts RMS x 2 – into 8 ohms, 1khz, 10% THD
  • Center: 69 watts RMS – into 8 ohms, 1kHz, 10% THD)
  • Rear Left & Right: 61 watts RMS x 2 – into 8 ohms,1kHz, 10% THD)
  • Amplifier: Ultra-linear, high-capacity analog
  • Input impedance: 8,000 ohms
  • Total Peak power: 1000 watts

This home theater Logitech Z5500 is available with price Rs. 18,425. /- INR.


  1. I bought this system 4 years ago and this thing is still going strong. It gets super loud with crisp highs and wall shaking lows. Just make sure you have a good sound card or equalizer to pump up the bass if you really want to bump hard. The surround sound works amazing and really brings things to life. Easy to control and fine tune and has excellent connectivity. I love to bump and have a Polk PSW-505 paired with it.

  2. Excellent build quality and the sound is fantastic with great bass. If you require a complete speaker system for your PC and game console (XBOX or PS3) then this has all the inputs you require. Optical/Coax/5.1 Direct.

  3. hi guys!I couldn’t recommend these speakers more! They may be labeled as “PC speakers”, but they work just as well for watching movies on the TV, even in a rather large room.With that said, just looking at pure performance, they are nowhere the greatest speakers out there, where especially the bass may sound a bit “boomy” compared to more expensive speakers. However, the keyword here is “more expensive”.


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