Samsung Evolution Kit is designed having capability to upgrade Samsung’s 2012 Smart TV model into the latest 2013 Smart TV model.

Samsung first unveiled the Evolution Kit even before CES this year, and has now finally launched it in India.Samsung Evolution Kit allows you to upgrade your Samsung 2012 Smart TV to the new Samsung 2013 Smart TV features, without the need to change of TV. The Evolution Kit gives Samsung’s 2012 Smart TV models the same capabilities as the company’s newer 2013 models. The company hasn’t announced the price or the availability for the device yet.

The Evolution Kit has hardware enhancements, such as CPU, memory and GPU that would improve the old Smart TVs to the latest generation of Smart TVs. This would enable users can enjoy faster browsing, better multitask including option to use apps while watching TV and more. In-addition this would also bring enhanced voice control and motion control.The Smart TVs compatible with the Evolution Kit include Samsung’s 7000, 8000, and 9000 models. These include some of the TVs the company launched during CES this year, including the F7500 LED 3D TV, the F8500 series plasma, and the F9500 OLED TV.

The Evolution Kit would also bring new Samsung Smart Hub features with five different panels including, On TV, for live TV, Movies & TV Shows for VOD contents, Apps for applications, Social for social networking contents sharing function, Photos, Videos & Music for personal contents.

Install Samsung Smart TV Evolution Kit

Samsung Evolution Kit

Smart Evolution kit will also boost the processing speed of your Smart TV from Dual Core to Quad Core. The powerful Quad Core processor boosts performance with faster access to Smart features, higher quality video streaming and true multitasking capabilities.

Smart Evolution also comes with a new feature called Smart Interaction, which allows you to control your TV with simple gestures. Simply by waving at the TV you can change channels and the volume levels.Alon with the Samsung Evolution Kit you will also get a Samsung 2013 Smart Touch Remote.

Samsung Evolution kit Key Features

  • Smart Evolution brings you S Recommendation† with Voice Interaction by intelligently understanding your preferences.
  • Intelligently organize and manages all your content into five easy-to-navigate panels – TV; Movies & TV Shows; Photos, Videos & Music; Social; Apps.
  • Powerful Quad Core processor that boosts the performance and processing speed.
  • True multitasking capabilities.
  • Smart Evolution for the new improvements of Smart Interaction just like on any smart mobile device.

Specs of Evolution Kit


  • QuadCore processor
  • Fox-AP, Fox-MP Chipset


  • 1.5GB DDR3 RAM
  • 4GB Flash Memory
  • Graphics :
  • 500MHz MaliT604 Graphics
  • Ethernat LAN :
  • 10 / 100 Mbps


  • Samsung LED ES7000 series and above and PDP E8000 series


  • Voice control
  • Motion control
  • Face recognition
  • Indoor / Outdoor content sharing
  • Smart View (TV to Mobile)
  • HEVC codec
  • Picture Enhancement


  • set (including batteries) – 254g
  • Package – 612g


  • Size: 127 x 16 x 91mm
  • Package : 173 x 63 x 161mm


Samsung Evolution Kit Price in India : Rs.17,000