Samsung presents latest Smart TV F8000 including voice integration, intelligent SmartHub software and software that knows exactly what you want to watch.

Samsung is popular manufactures of gadgets and gizmos which always try to offer the best featured home entertainment devices. At CES 2013, Samsung has officially launched its new Samsung F8000 Smart LED TV. Samsung presents latest Smart TV F8000  including voice integration, intelligent SmartHub software and software that knows exactly what you want to watch.


The company is still at the top, and although bezels are getting slimmer and slimmer, with fewer places for TV makers to make a design statement, Samsung are still producing distinctive and sleek HDTVs. Not surprisingly, more emphasis than ever is being placed on the stand. Samsung ships the UE55F8000 with a distinctive curved, chrome stand, which it calls the “Arc Stand”.

Review your best Samsung F8000 Smart LED TV

Samsung F8000 Smart LED TV

Picture quality

Watching Samsung’s demo footage showed that the F8000 is capable of absolutely stunning quality. Images were almost painfully sharp and amazingly lifelike. Textures, whether hair, fabric or foliage, were crystal clear with no smudging.

3D Mode Greyscale

Unsurprisingly given the darkening effect of active-shutter glasses, the 3D mode’s default configuration, even after switching to the Movie mode, is designed from the point of view of getting maximum light output from the panel, no matter what. The default [Contrast] setting of “100? results in discoloured whites starting somewhere inbetween 80% and 90% brightness, and our specific panel and glasses pair resulted in greeny-red tint, which is very common with 3-D TVs.

Price and Launch Date

No Samsung F8000 LED UK release date or price have been announced, but we should be seeing these premium 3D TVs in the spring and, going by past 8000-series pricing, around £1,500 for the 40-inch F8000 shouldn’t be too far out. Still, with ever more OLED and 4K TVs on the horizon, the prices on LED models may come down quickly.