LG 28 Litre Convection Microwave Oven is designed to make cooking simple and quick with a variety of features and auto cook menus.

LG has Designed a new revolution in the field cooking with its new LG 28 Litres Convection microwave.With LG 28 Litres Convection microwave in our kitchen we can become master chef in our house And have feast on the dinner table every day. LG 28 Litres Convection Oven can be used to bake cakes, biscuits, naan-kataais As well as cook tandoori dishes. Cooking food in convection microwave supplies a natural aroma, color And texture because it is cooked in its own juices. Regular items for example idlis, kheer, biryani, pulao, rice, kababs And many more delicious dishes can be made very quickly. Apart from cooking all types of vegetarian And non-vegetarian items a microwave oven is also extremely useful for defrosting, boiling, baking, reheating etc.

LG MC2844EB 28L Microwave Oven

LG MC2844EB 28L Microwave Oven

Cooking in LG 28 Litres Convection Oven is extremely reliable And save a lot of money which we spend on conventional cooking methods for example gas stove as electricity is much cheaper than gas cylinders. Moreover food cooked inLG 28 Litres Convection Oven is very healthy as the oil necessary for cooking is very less. LG 28 Litres Convection Oven is compact in size And provides wider turntable diameter, that allows uniform cooking, facilitates easier keeping big vessels And avoids over-cooking of food in the middle And under-cooked food in the edges. LG 28 Litres Convection microwave has next step guide feature can help you in locating which button to press next while operating the MWO with the aid of text Displayed. We don’t have to keep in mind which button to press next. This convectional microwave from LG gives 800W of power output And runs using AC 230V, 50Hz of power supply. It consumes 900W of power in Microwave mode, 750W in Convection And 1100W in Grill mode And 3100W together. It has cooking complete alarm that will beep after it completes preparing food.

Product Information

  • Model: MC2844EB
  • Brand: LG
  • Microwave Type: Convection

Key Features

  • Capacity: 28 litres
  • Turntable Diameter: 320 mm
  • Control Location: Left Side
  • Power Levels: 5
  • Cooking Complete Alarm: Yes

Physical Dimensions

  • Colour: Black
  • Height: 305 mm
  • Width: 510 mm
  • Depth: 495 mm
  • Material: 2 Stainless Steel Cavity

Convenience Features

  • Child Lock: Yes

Power Consumption

  • BEE Star Rating: Not Rated
  • Output Power (Microwave): 900 W

Additional Features


  • Auto Cook Menu – 101
  • Indian Auto Cook Menu – 61
  • Microwave Frequency(MHZ) – 2450
  • Intellowave Technology
  • Two Stage Cooking
  • Quick Start
  • Combination Cooking
  • Next Step Guide
  • Watts Grill (Input) – 1100,Watts Convection (Input) – 750 (Max.1900),Watts Combination (Input) – 3100 (Max)

LG MC2844EB 28L Microwave Oven Price: Rs. 10,990/-