Aquafresh Dolphin RO Water Purifier is equipped with 8.5 Liters Storage Tank Capacity and 12 Liters / Hour Purification Capacity.

Dolphin RO is Aquafresh award winning design Water Purifier that offers consumers optimum performance with great flexibility and style. The USP of this water purifier is that it comes with 5 stage purification and uses RO technology to purify the water. Aquafresh Dolphin RO Water Purifier is equipped with 8.5 Liters Storage Tank Capacity and 12 Liters / Hour Purification Capacity. It has Sediment, Activated Carbon, Post Carbon & Span Filter Cartridges.

The knowledge about the hazards of drinking impure water has brought in the demand for valuable and useful water purifiers rapidly not only in metros but also in small towns all over India. Among the multiple choices available in the market the Dolphin RO Water Purifier definitely stands apart in the crowd with its high end purifying technology and superb user friendly performance. Coming ti the company, Aquafresh RO is a leading brand in UV water purification and has designed number of water purifying systems that not only removes the impurities but also turn the water sweet to taste.


It is equipped with great technology. This White – Sky Blu purifier looks really stunning and is crafted with food grade plastic for high end durability and less maintenance. One can easily wall mount or place it on counter top without any trouble even with its 10.5 Kg weight. Moreover, one can easily carry it places just tuning it as the perfect solution to offer safe, pure water at any given place and time.

Dolphin RO Water Purifier price in india

Aquafresh Dolphin Purifier


This technology works great against hard water and not only destroys the biological impurities but also makes the water tasty and retains the essential minerals as well. This water purifier with Aqua Fresh RO UV Technology destroys microbes, bacteria, and viruses known for developing various water borne diseases. The system effectively removes unwanted chemicals and purify the water without the need of harmful chemicals such as Chlorine, Ozone, Silver, Iodine etc . The best part is that the water quality is automatically monitored without any user interface. Its user friendly operation further makes it more appealing. The Dolphin RO Water Purifier is
independently tested and certified by world popular nonprofit organization and laboratories as per NSF/ANSI standards. With 12 Litres / Hour flow rate and 8.5 Liters machine capacity this water purifier works perfect for a small family.


  • Max. Duty Dycle : 150 Liters / Day
  • Ro Memberance : 1812-75 GDP (Filmtech)
  • TDS Adjustable : Total Device of Sold Adjustable
  • UV Lamp Power 11 W(Made in Philps)
  • Min. Inlet Water Pressure : 0.3 Kg / cm2
  • Input Voltage : 160 – 300 V AC (50 Hz)
  • Operating Voltage : 24 V DC


  • Flow Rate (Litres/Minute) 12 Litres / Hour
  • Colours Available : White – Sky Blue
  • Material of Body : Food Grade Plastic
  • Voltage (Volts) : 160 – 300 V AC
  • Frequency (Hz) : 50 Hz
  • Purification Stages : 5
  • Storage Capacity (Litres) : 8.5 Liters
  • Water Pressure (kg/ : 0.3 Kg / cm2
  • Weight (Kgs) : 10.5 Kg
  • Unique Feature 1 : 150 Liters / Day Max. Duty Dycle


Aquafresh Dolphin RO Water Purifier Price in India: Rs. 6,999