Samsung YP-U5 is so small and lightweight you can easily carry it with you everywhere and listen to your favorite sounds on the go.

Samsung YP-U5 is clearly a sportsman favourite. Small and handy, it comes with a fitness mode, where one can key in your weight and allow the device count your calories while you run on the treadmill to the beats of your favourite pop tracks.

Samsung YP-U5 4GB MP3 Player

Samsung YP-U5 4GB MP3 Player

MP3-player Samsung YP-U5 AB with integrated FM-tuner is really a miniature device in a stylish, minimalist design. The model includes a convenient USB-plug with a lid, through which the player quickly and easily connects for your audio or computer for playback or sharing files, and you’ll no longer depend on the wires. You should use the player Samsung YP-U5 AB as a regular external memory stick transfer and storage of files, it’s equipped with 4 GB of memory and works as much as 20 hours on a single charge. The model props up most popular music file formats: MP3, WMA, ASF, and OGG and FLAC, so you will not have problems with listening to your preferred tracks. Besides listening to music, you should use the Samsung YP-U5 AB for training, this player includes a regime “Fitness”. The model allows to create the timer and count calories, and makes recommendations. MP3-player Samsung YP-U5 AB designed with a unique digital system, which simulates multiple sound sources with different stereo signal, providing a far more natural and rich sound.

Samsung YP-U5 4GB MP3 Player: Specifications

Built-in USB

The U5 has a built-in USB. Simply slide out the USB and you’re ready to connect to a PC or audio system without the hassles of wires.

Album art

Make your music visually stimulating and add artwork to your collection with free album art.

FM tuner / recorder

If nothing in your playlist interests you, turn on the radio. The YP-U5 comes with an FM tuner / recorder so you can listen to your favorite radio stations on the go.

4 GB built-in memory

Keep rocking for hours and store up to 1000 songs with 4 GB of memory.

Warranty : One Year Manufacturers Warranty.