You can grasp the concept that making learning fun can result in better results, so we're providing you with a selection of eight excellent gadgets that provide an educational take on play.

Educational Gadgets

Educational Gadgets

Todayís kids belong to the wireless generation, so itís only fitting that they take advantage of all the high-tech gadgets available to actually learn. You can grasp the concept that making learning fun can result in better results, so we’re providing you with a selection of eight excellent gadgets that provide an educational take on play. Sure, you are able to justify Angry Birds like a vectors lesson or that latest video game like a role-playing exercise, but here are some gadgets that have educational value but they are still ridiculously entertaining.

Vtech Mobigo

Perfect for young children, the VTech MobiGo Touch Learning System features touchscreen technology that enables your kids to look, listen and touch while playing learning games and activities that teach math, vocabulary, spelling and much more. The system features a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and a durable, colorful design. The MobiGo is geared toward children 3 to 7 years old.

Playskool Alphie

Kids love robots. The Playskool Alphie robot is aimed toward preschoolers and features activities for vocabulary development, letter sounds, shape sorting plus much more. The robot comes with 30 learning cards to assist your little one stay engaged because they learns.

Boogie Board

At first sight this gadget appears like a an over-sized Etch-a-Sketch, and in some ways it’s – itís a paperless LCD writing tablet that is included with its own stylus, so you can write anything you want and then erase it (no shaking involved!) by pressing a control button. Itís an eco-friendly alternative to wasting paper, and you may use it for handwriting practice, spelling, number and letter recognition, doodling, tic-tac-toe, take your pick. And if charcoal gray isnít your thing, it also comes in a bundle of colors.

Celestron Skyscout

For kids ages 8 or more, check out the Celestron SkyScout. This educational gadget is like a handheld planetarium. Your child can point the unit at any celestial body on the horizon, and click to get information for example its name, history, trivia, mythology and other details. The SkyScout is packed with the knowledge to identify over 6,000 stars, planets, constellations and much more.

LeapFrog Chat & Count Phone

This cute handset connects your child with Scout (LeapFrog’s puppy pal) in order to exchange calls and voicemails as well as sing along to songs about counting and phones. As well as the obvious early number sense, this helps develop your child’s pretend play and social skills. Because you can hand over the kiddie handset rather than your precious smartphone when Junior fancies a phone fix is, obviously, just a bonus.

Playskool Alphie

“Who better to explore the world with than someone who’s a new comer to it?” asks Playskool, summing in the premise behind Alphie, a robot on the field trip from his home planet to discover all about Earth. This, obviously, means that as Alphie learns concerning the world around him, the same is true your rugrat. Lessons include letter sounds, shape sorting, cause and effect, vocabulary development and much more.


LeapFrog is a trusted company with regards to educational electronic toys, and their new LeapPad is another illustration of their brand of edutainment. A tablet made especially for kids 4-9, itís like an iPad for the elementary set, and with a much smaller price tag which means you wonít have to hover while theyíre utilizing it. With the LeapPad, kids can play games – parents can download apps – draw, get assist with their reading and math skills, and take photos using the built-in camera. Itís got a vivid 5-inch color touch-screen, but unlike the iPad, it wonít break your budget if Junior accidentally spills his sippy cup all over it.

Learning Laptops

These colorful laptops — perfect for toddlers and preschoolers — resemble the grown-up versions but come preloaded with learning activities and games that teach children about numbers, shapes, colors plus much more. Many of these laptops come decked out in themes featuring your child’s superheroes, TV shows and movies, such as the VTech Buzz Lightyear Star Command Laptop and also the Barbie B-Smart Learning Laptop.