Nintendo Japan's released full technical specifications for Nintendo 3DS XL revealing that the handheld will feature slightly improved battery life.


This Nintendo 3DS XL is really a portable game console revision manufactured by Nintendo, which is the world’s largest video gaming company by revenue. Nintendo has carved a new name for itself on the world of video games, which is known for crafting excellent products. The new Nintendo 3DS XL can be an innovative high quality gaming console coming from the house of video gaming giant, Nintendo.

Nintendo 3DS XL Review

Nintendo 3DS XL Review

The Nintendo 3DS XL allows you to enjoy the same amazing features that had been provided by Nintendo 3DS, albeit within a bigger and better method. It comes with an increased screen, longer battery life along with a greater size overall than the original Nintendo 3DS. A particular improvement over the typical version, this console is important for all the video gaming enthusiasts. It comes through an amazing 90 percent larger screen, which offers some sort of much improved viewing perspective, in both the 2D as well as the 3D formats. This brand new product from Nintendo is sure to offer you an advanced and unparalleled gaming experience.It allows you to play games in full 3D, take 3 D photos and videos, play games with the use of the AR card that comes included with the Nintendo 3DS XL, and download all the applications and software that are featured on the Nintendo e Shop. It comes with a 128 MB memory and supports the FCRAM Memory card. It consists of a 3D upper screen with 3D Depth slider and a lower touch screen. It features extremely innovative technologies and comes with new inputs and controls, circle pads, gyro sensor, motion sensor and pedometer. It has two cameras, one inward facing and dual outward facing. It comes with an extremely convenient wireless switch.

Nintendo 3DS XL Features:

The 3DS XL is essentially a larger version of the existing console. The screen is 90 per cent bigger, and battery has been given a boost and the SD card is now a 4GB model instead of 2GB. These slight improvements make the system the best choice for 3DS novices, but the cheap-looking case design doesn’t seem to have quite the same class as the original model. In almost every other regard, the underlying hardware is identical to that seen previously.

  • Dimensions: 156mm x 93mm x 22mm
  • Weight: 336g
  • Storage: 4GB SD card included
  • Top Display: 4.88-inch 800×240 pixel resolution screen with glasses-free auto-stereoscopic 3D effect
  • Bottom Display: 4.18-inch 320×240 pixel resolution resistive touch screen
  • Camera: One inner 640×480 pixel resolution single focus camera, x2 outer 640 x 480 pixel resolution single focus cameras for 3D image capture
  • Inputs: Resistive touch-screen, accelerometer, gyro, microphone
  • Connectivity: 2.4GHz WiFi, infrared port
  • Other Features: 3.5mm headphone jack, stylus

Nintendo 3DS XL Price In India: Rs.18,490/-