Buy Walkie Talkie For Kids Price in India : Rs. 599

Walkie talkies are fun for kids and grown ups alike. They give kids a sense of self-reliance and camaraderie as they talk to one another

Walkie Talkie For Kids - Price in India Rs. 599

Walkie Talkie For Kids — Price in India Rs. 599

around the yard, the college, the after-school program or any other region. The next time you find yourself with a number of unruly kids, pull out the walkie talkies as well as watch your kids light up with excitement as well as creativity.

Walkie talkiesadd a new dimension to cover and seek games. Kids can use the actual communication devices to give instructions to one another or to try to find one another. Give a walkie talkie to each kid or each team as well as encourage each group to obtain the other, while avoiding becoming found. Set clear limitations as kids maneuver around the area.


  • Ben10 Radio for children (STY-1265)
  • 4 Transistors Walkie Talkie Morse code
  • 9 Volt Electric battery operated
  • ON/OFF Volume control to normal listening
  • Powerful transmission (4 – transistors)
  • Safety Flexible antenna for the best transmission & Reception
  • Fashion and special style for easy handing
  • Belt clip for easy associated with carrying
  • Communication distance up to 100 michael (open area)
  • Requires one quantity. 9volt battery per each device (Not Included)
  • Model & Design according to picture
  • Ages 3 Years & Above
  • Warranty: 7 Days


Buy Walkie Talkie With regard to Kids Price in India : Rs. 599