152 Jio Apps Fraud Found Promising Free Data On Play Store


We have found in the past how the Google Play Store has turned into a home to different noxious and even phony applications. The deed proceeds as in excess of 150 phony Reliance Jio applications have been found on the Android application store, sourcing their way into producing income.

As indicated by security firm Symantec, around 152 deception Jio applications were found laying on the Google Play Store, beguiling clients with free internet data.

The 152 applications, which were created under 21 distinctive bundle names, professed to offer free information running from 25GB to 125GB from one day to a year. Tragically, the clients never gotten any free information; rather, they helped the engineers of the application win income on each download.

Be that as it may, the Jio clients who had the JioSecurity application introduced on their cell phones were not influenced by malevolent applications. The report likewise proposes that while the applications’ offers were not the same as each application, the example of deceiving clients was comparative.

Ways Used By Fake Jio Apps To Trick Users

  • The malicious applications had a comparable application symbol and UI as the first Jio application that drove numerous Jio clients into downloading the applications.
  • Another fake strategy was about the bogus impression that was given to clients proposing that the individual in question is soon to get hold of the free information by entering two or three certifications when. Actually, the application’s source code demonstrates that no such procedure was occurring
  • The third method to cheat clients was by getting some information about the applications through WhatsApp, SMS, or pursue the applications on Instagram or Telegram. Now and again, some applications don’t request that clients do as such and essentially send them with a connection by means of SMS.
  • In conclusion, the applications provoked persistent promotions, driving numerous clients into tapping on the showed adverts.

Besides, as of June 2019, in excess of 39,000 clients downloaded the phony applications. The same number of such episodes have occurred, it’s ideal to affirm the credibility of the applications to ensure your safety!!


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