[Exclusive Interview] India’s 3rd-Largest Tech-Enabled Logistics Platform Reveals Their Secrets

Recently we interacted with the team behind Nimbus Post, and asked them about Mr. Yash Jain, the co-founder of Nimbus Post, and their vision and plans for the future.

Here are the highlights from the interview:

Brief introduction about the founder

Mr. Yash Jain is the founder of NimbusPost and the driving force behind all the Tech and Business operations at NimbusPost. He has 9+ years of expertise in Marketing, Tech, and Automation. 

With what mission or purpose the company was launched?

NimbusPost was founded in 2018, which has quickly built a significant place for itself in the logistics industry. We have launched NimbusPost with the purpose to simplify the e-commerce delivery for online selling businesses by utilizing cutting edge technology. With the most advanced AI technology, Machine Learning, automation, and a team of more than 500 highly skilled engineers and logistics specialists, NimbusPost has now become the most dependable shipping partner in India. Our main target includes D2C online brands, large enterprises, and SMEs that sell products across the country.

What is the USP of NimbusPost?

NimbusPost is a convenient and reliable platform that provides global logistic services to SMEs and large businesses. The company aims to resolve the shipping hassles of online merchants by giving them 3600 integrated logistics solutions by providing services at the lowest rates in the market.

Some USPs of NimbusPost are-

Lowest shipping rates, starting from ?21/500gm27+ courier options (DTDC, Delhivery, Blue Dart, XpressBees, Ekart, Shadowfax, Smartr Logistics, etc.)One-click API integration to Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Prestashop, Unicommerce, and other eCommerce channels for optimized shipping experienceUp to 30%* reduced RTOAI-enabled fraud detection feature to ensure a high delivery percentageOne-day COD remittance at zero* cost for non-stop cash flowAutomated cloud-calling feature for COD order confirmation

How have the dynamics of the supply chain changed over time?  How are tech-enabled logistics firms reshaping the supply chain?

Logistics partners assist businesses in supply chain management and increase the value of each delivery. The process is optimized thereby leading to customer satisfaction. It also helps in consolidation of traffic volumes by taking over one of the major expenses of the supply chain that is transportation.

Logistics also plays a vital role in timely delivery of products in proper condition, ensuring quality delivery services for the customers. Not only is the efficiency increased and productivity boosted but the entire supply chain is streamlined thereby saving time, cost and resources.

Owing to technological advancements over the past few years, the supply chain has transformed significantly. Now, manual labor for routine tasks has reduced and the supply chain is optimized and automated. New-age technologies such as Big data, AI, and automation have increased the overall efficiency of supply chains and delivery of products has become easy, smooth and timely.

Why is there a need for Logistics Optimization in a Changing Business Landscape?

The Indian eCommerce industry is rapidly evolving and effective supply chain management is essential to running those businesses. Every e-commerce business needs to optimize its supply chain as it not only helps them to cut down the rates but also improves its brand’s reputation.

In the wake of technological advancements, logistics optimization is the need of the hour. Leveraging the power of advanced supply chain management software solutions, brands can digitize the process in the truest sense. The advanced solutions help streamline the supply chain process and improve customer service without putting burden on the employees. With a comprehensive view of the inventory, the supply chain network becomes agile, flexible and transparent, leading businesses to realize their full potential.

What is the growth path for NimbusPost?

NimbusPost is now a team of 500+ employees and by the end of the year, the company is planning to expand its team by adding 1000+ tech and logistics experts to streamline workflow across all teams. The leading shipping aggregator has recently entered the Indonesian space and launched its cross-border shipping services. Soon, NimbusPost is planning to enter the logistics markets of the United States, Australia, Singapore, and other Southeast Asian countries to deliver 3600 logistics automation to improve the way logistics functions for eCommerce enterprises worldwide. The logistics company intends to grow its international footprint by introducing services such as a fully integrated SaaS platform for end-to-end D2C requirements, hyperlocal shipping, and more services. Financially speaking, they have so far raised a total of ten million dollars in fundraising and are looking forward to a 10x growth this year. 

How do you view the Logistics Industry 5 years from now?

As of now, the logistic industry is undergoing a significant transition. As customer demand is rising, companies are innovating ways to meet customer expectations. Technology is playing a vital role in how today the logistic industry operates. Tech advancements have upscaled the landscape of the Indian logistics market and it will grow significantly in the times to come.

As per Statista, the Indian logistics segment is projected to hit the $380 billion mark by 2025 and will grow at a CAGR of 10-12% from 2021 to 2025. The growing e-commerce segment and retail sales market are the major factors contributing to the growth of the segment. Adding to it, the digital revolution is further driving the market’s growth. On the whole, the future of the logistics industry seems promising and progressive!


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