Google is rolling out a major upgrade to Gmail, as a part of which, it is bringing Google Chat, Google Spaces and Google Meet all within its emailing platform. This update is a part of the new unified look for Gmail, which the company announced back in February this year and has been slowly rolling to its users ever since.

Google said that it will start rolling out integrated view on Gmail for all Gmail users who have turned on Chat starting today. With this update, users will see Meet, Chat, Spaces and the Mail box on left panel within Gmail. As of now, that space is occupied by various mailing folders such as Inbox, Draft, Sent, Starred and Archived among others. Below the mailing folders lie Google Meet and Hangouts with its long list of account with whom a user has interacted in the past.

Now, Google is streamlining that experience and making the overall interface cleaner and more utilitarian by introducing the new integrated view. Tapping on one of the four option — Mail, Chat, Spaces, Meet — opens another panel right next to it containing details pertaining to the selected option. For instance, if you tap on Meet, you will see all of your scheduled meetings. At the bottom of the menu containing these new options are people with whom a particular user interacts more frequently along with the status at the moment.

“Using Quick Settings, you can select apps you’d like to toggle between on the left side of your window, whether it’s Gmail by itself or a combination of Gmail, Chat, Spaces and Meet,” Google wrote in a blog post.

And if you don’t like this new integrated view, you can go back to the classic view (at least for now) using these steps:

Step 1: At the top right corner click on the Settings option.
Step 2: Now go to the Quick Settings menu and click on the ‘Go back to the original Gmail view’ option.
Step 3: In the new window, click the Reload button.

In addition to the integrated view, Google is rolling out several new feature to Gmail. Google said that it is making it easier for users to find the message that they are looking for by bringing search chips to the inbox. Later this year, Gmail will also get improved experience for tablet users, better emojis support, and new accessibility features.

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