Google Maps has announced that the new Google Street View feature will now be available in India. Google announced new features for the Street View at the Google I/O conducted earlier this year. The company will be partnering with Genesys International, a mapping solutions company, and Tech Mahindra to introduce this feature. Google Street View offers a 360-degree view of lanes and public buildings, allowing users to have a better experience of the place.

Starting today, Street View will be available on Google Maps with fresh imagery licensed from local partners covering over 1,50,000 km across ten cities in India

These are the 10 cities where Google Stree View will be available:


Google, Genesys International, and Tech Mahindra plan to expand this to more than 50 cities by the end of 2022. Google claims this India launch marks the first time in the world that Street View is being brought to life completely by local partners.

How to use Street View

-To get Street View photos, you can search for a place, drop a pin, tap on a place marker, or use the Street View layer.
-Search for a place or drop a pin
-On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Maps app Maps.
-Search for a place or drop a pin on the map.
-To drop a pin, touch and hold a place on the map.
-At the bottom, tap the place name or address.
-Scroll and select the photo labeled “Street View” or select the thumbnail with a Street View icon 360 photo.
-When you’re done, at the top left, tap Back Back.
-Tap on a place marker

How to Use Street View Layer

-On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Maps app Maps.
-At the top, tap Layers Layers and then Street View.
-Blue lines on the Map indicate Street View coverage. Tap on any blue line to enter Street View.

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