Google today announced that it is bringing Street View to Google Maps in India. In addition to this, the company today announced a host of new features in Google Maps that are aimed at making daily commute easier and hassle-free for users in India.

Speed Limit Data

At its special event today, Google’s VP for Google Maps Experiences, Miriam Karthika Daniel said that in a bid to make driving safer, Google Maps will show speed limit data to the commuters. This data will be sourced from local authorities and traffic department and displayed to users as they look for directions for a place. In addition to using data from local authorities, Google Maps will use Street View to read information displayed on street signs to help Google Maps users travel better.

Google has piloted this program in Bengaluru and Chandigarh and it plans to roll it out to other cities across the country soon.

Avoid Road Congestion

The second feature that Google announced for Google Maps today is aimed at helping local authorities avoid congestion on road. At the event, Google also announced its partnership with Bengaluru Traffic Police. As a part this partnership, Google will deliver AI and machine learning (ML)-based models on the information provided by the Bengaluru Police to better optimise traffic light timings and hence reduce congestion on road. “This is helping the local traffic authority manage road congestion at key intersections, and will eventually scale across the city,” Google said.

As far as availability is concerned, Google has piloted this feature at several locations in Bengaluru. Now, it is planning to expand to other parts of the city. In addition to this, Google is launching a similar pilot program in Kolkata and Hyderabad in partnership with local traffic authorities.

“As per the data provided by Google, the revised plan by Google resulted in an average 20% wait time reduction per driver going through the pilot intersection during the day. We are excited by the positive impact this can have on reducing traffic congestion, road rage, fuel consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions,” Dr Ravikanthe Gowda, Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Bengaluru said on the occasion.

Road Closure Information

The third feature coming to Google Maps is information about road closures due to accidents, weather conditions and events. Google said that it has partnered with traffic authorities and aggregators to help people across eight cities in India make informed travel decisions and avoid congestion zones with information on road closures and incidents. These cities are Delhi, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Bangalore, and Agra.

Air Quality Information

Lastly, Google announced a partnership with the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). As a part of this partnership, Google will help people make more informed travel decisions by showing them local air quality information. Additionally, Google will show hyperlocal information regarding air quality in specific localities to Google Maps users in Bengaluru and Bhubaneshwar. Google Maps users can access this information overlay by tapping the ‘Layers’ button at the top right in their Maps app and selecting the ‘Air Quality’ option.

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