How To Auto-Delete Google ‘Location History’ Tracking Data?


Back in May 2019, Google guaranteed that it would give you auto-a chance to erase the web action and location history it gathers through your Google account. The company is keeping its assertion by discharging new apparatuses to set a period limit for the lapse of your own information.

Presently users can erase their location history, both on Android and iOS. You can pick between auto-deleting information following 3 or year and a half. Empowering this element will crash the broad trail of information that you left on the web.

If it’s not too much trouble note that similar usefulness for application and web action information hasn’t arrived at this point. Google has said that auto-deleting apparatuses for a similar will arrive at some point in the “coming weeks.” Nevertheless, it is consoling that we presently have more power over our information.

How to delete your Google location information?

You can pursue these means to have your information erased consequently at ordinary interims:

  • On Android, open your Google account in the Settings app.
  • Go to to ‘Data & Personalization’
  • Tap on ‘Web & App Activity’
  • Select ‘Choose to delete automatically’
  • Next, tap on ‘Choose how long to keep’
  • Here, you can either select 18 months or 3 months

Picking both of the two will set a relating clock for auto-deleting of your information.

The choice to enable Google to keep the information until you erase it physically is likewise there. Further, you can delay different choices like Google’s web and application movement following.

This information enables Google to demonstrate us important promotions and enables it to give better query items and suggestions in applications like Google Maps and Google browser.

Be that as it may, in the event that you esteem your security more than personalization of your list items, you should turn on this component now.

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