India Has 5th Cheapest Data Pricing Across The World! This Country Has World’s Cheapest Data Plans (Research Report)

Figures relating to the cost of mobile data have been compiled by using analysis of 5,292 mobile data plans in 233 countries.

While India is not at the top in terms of cheapness of data, it is among the top 5 countries.


It has ranked 5th among 233 countries in terms of the lowest mobile data pricing.

India offers cheaper data compared to neighbours Pakistan ($0.36 or Rs. 29), Bangladesh ($0.32 or Rs. 25), Sri Lanka and Nepal ($0.27 or Rs. 22).

Top five countries with cheapest data

Israel offers the cheapest mobile data with 1GB data being priced at just $0.04, which is roughly around Rs 3.20.

Second is Italy where 1GB data is priced at just $0.12, roughly comes around Rs 9.59.

San Marino takes the third place with 1GB mobile data priced at $0.14, which translates to around Rs 11.19.

Number 4 and 5 are occupied by Fiji and India, which offer 1GB of mobile data at $0.15 and $0.17 (roughly around Rs 11.99 and Rs 13.59, respectively).

Top five countries with costliest data

Coming to the countries that offer the most expensive mobile data in the world, Saint Helena tops the list with 1GB costing $41.06 (roughly around Rs 3,323.92).

Saint Helena is a British overseas territory in the south Atlantic Ocean.

It is followed by countries like the Falkland Islands, São Tomé and Príncipe, Tokelau and Yemen with the price of 1GB of mobile data around $38.45 (Rs 3,072.11), $29.49 (Rs 2,356.21), $17.88 (Rs 1,428.59), and $16.58 (Rs 1,324.72), respectively.

Why data is cheap in Israel 

The list has covered SIM-only mobile plans and has four main country archetypes: excellent infrastructure, heavy reliance, small consumption, and a wealthy economy.

Israel, the country with the cheapest data, has higher smartphone market penetration than the United States with 75% of the population owning a smartphone.

It boasts of extensive 4G LTE and even 5G network coverage which helps boost internet adoption.

Why data is cheap in India

India has 64 crore active internet users as of December 2021.

This implies a high level of reliance on mobile data therefore driving up demand.

As a result data is priced cheaply and has led to tremendous competition in the pricing.

India is set to roll out 5G this year, to be offered by companies such as Reliance Jio, Airtel, and Vi.


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