PM Modi during his address to the nation on the occasion of completing 75 years of Independence, highlighted the entry into the ‘5G-era’. He also cheered for the ‘Made-in-India’ brand of technology that is making it possible to find tech solutions within the country.

India is at the advent of 5G mobile services, claimed PM Modi during his address to the nation. The Prime Minister said that it is India’s “techade” and digital technology to bring in reforms in every area.

PM Modi said, “Today we are all set to enter the 5G era. You don’t have to wait too long before we match the global steps. We are ensuring that optical fiber reaches each and every village until the last mile. I am fully informed that the dream of Digital India will be attained through rural India.”

He further added, “Today I am happy that four lakh Common Service Centers of India are being developed in villages which are being managed by the youth of that village. Nation can take pride in the fact that four lakh Digital Entrepreneurs are being nurtured in the villages, and the rural population is becoming accustomed to benefit from all the services. Such is the power of India to become a technology hub in itself.”

PM Modi went on to stress the importance of three growing aspects of tech sector in order to enhance the lives of the people of India. In his address he said, “This Digital India movement of developing semiconductors, entering the 5G era, spreading the network of optical fibres is not just to establish ourselves as modern and developed, but it is possible because of three intrinsic missions. The complete transformation of the education ecosystem, revolution in health infrastructure and improvement in the quality of agricultural life will be possible only through digitalisation.”

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