Indians Will Be Soon Allowed To Repair Their Smartphones, TVs, Gadgets: Right To Repair Movement Catching Steam

The Department of Consumer Affairs (DoCA) has formed a committee to design the framework of a new law- the Right-to-repair legislation.

Job creation

The framework will not be limited to smartphones but will also cover multiple product segments like farming equipment, consumer durables and the products in the automobile industry.

The new legislation will be in line with the government’s Aatmanirbhar Bharat employment schemes.

It is expected to create job opportunities by launching third-party and self-repair services.

Freedom of access

It will also allow local electronic repair and service centres to conduct their business with ease.

Prices of replacement parts will become more transparent across the industry.

Users will be allowed to repair some of the parts on their own.

As seen in the US, the right to repair movement forced Apple to give third-party service centres access to replacement parts and repair guides as well.

The public would also be able to buy parts and equipment required to fix their devices like the iPhone from their home.

The Indian government will follow on the same lines to ensure that companies operating in India do so in a fair manner.


Many countries like the US, UK and those within the EU have already passed legislation that supports the right to repair.

The idea behind the law is to give device owners access to the essential services and equipment required to fix their damaged products.

Typically many manufacturers restrict repair services only to their service centres so access to parts is limited. 

As a result consumers are given no choice but to head to an authorised service centre and pay the amount that the company quotes.

Impact on manufacturers

The law seeks to change that not just for consumers, but also for third-party businesses.

It will require companies to be more forthcoming when it comes to parts availability and repair guides.

Any service centre and a user who wants to repair a device can order the parts required.

Manufacturers send them along with repair guides. However, these may be at a fee.


It also has a positive environmental impact since unwanted e-waste gets reduced as users continue reusing products as long as possible.

This is the central focus of the LiFE (Lifestyle for the Environment) movement which is also a priority for the government.

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