Instagram iOS users recently reported that the Stories on their app played music even when the phone was on silent. Ideally, Instagram Stories are not supposed to play sounds on Stories if the iPhone settings have been set to silent. Instagram has now rolled out a fix for this bug.

As per a statement by an Instagram spokesperson, “This issue has been resolved with the latest version of Instagram for iOS – please update to the latest version of the app available in the App Store.”

Once you update the iOS app, the Stories music will no longer play the sound if the handset is on mute. The bug was spotted by many users last week, when initially they thought that it was a new feature as Apple was rolling out iOS 16 for users. A few users pointed out this issue on Twitter.

Apparently I’m not the only person who’s stopped checking @instagram stories because of the sound glitch. Phone is on mute and stories still play sound. It’s super annoying. If I didn’t use the app to stay in touch with friends back home I’d have deleted it like 4 updates ago.

— Abby Skujina (@abimickey) September 13, 2022

Hey @instagram y’all did something in the latest update makes the sound plays on stories automatically regardless on if my phone is on silent and lemme tell you as someone who likes to listen to story on mute and decide what I wanna hear this is annoying.

— Kash (@KashNona) September 13, 2022

Later, Meta later clarified in a statement that it is a bug and not a new feature. It was announced that the company is working on a fix.

As per the official statement, “Due to a bug, some iOS users are experiencing an issue where sound is automatically on when viewing Stories–we’re working to fix the issue as soon as possible.”


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