Apple has rolled out the first beta of the latest iPhone software after its stable release earlier this week. The new iOS 16.1 beta brings support for the battery percentage indicator in the status bar on the four iPhone models that were left behind in the regular iOS 16. The battery percentage indicator will start appearing on the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 11, and iPhone XR after the update.

iOS 16 shows the battery percentage level inside the battery icon on the status bar — something that was a mainstay of the iPhone software before the notch came into the picture. iPhones with notches before iOS 16 could not show the battery percentage in the status bar. So, Apple added it in the latest iOS 16 update, allowing all iPhone models with a notch, as well as the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max that have the Dynamic Island, to show how much battery is left in the form of percentage numbers. However, weirdly enough, Apple left out four iPhone models from the support.

Initially, speculation was that Apple excluded the mini iPhones because of their screen size, but no one could guess why the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR could not support the new battery percentage icon. But the new iOS 16.1 beta solves not only the mystery but also the problem, per MacRumors. This is a beta version, so only developers can test it out right now. Apple will likely roll out iOS 16.1 to all users in the coming days.

The new battery percentage in the status bar is met with criticism, however. And their disliking makes sense. While the new battery percentage in the status bar lets you know how much battery power you have left in your iPhone without having to do a thing, the visual indicator stays constantly full. It is annoying to see the battery icon filled with white colour even at the 1 percent level. The implementation, thus, seems a little shoddy, especially when compared to Android phones that have had a percentage indicator inside the battery icon for ages.

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