iPhone 14 Price Can Be Same As iPhone 13 Price, Atleast In India! Check Latest Updates For iPhone 14

Apple may sell the iPhone 14 series at a similar price as the iPhone 13.

This could mean the starting price of the next iPhone 14 model can be around Rs 80,000.

The 14 series does not have a Mini version, which is replaced by a new Max variant, which could sit between the standard model and the iPhone 14 Pro.

No hikes this time

User “yeux1122” posted on the Korean blog Naver that Apple has no plans to hike the price of its iPhone 14 series.

With this strategy it could attract more customers and make more sales despite high inflation and chain restrictions.

The blog post claims that the decision was taken by “top executives” at Apple due to a stagnant global smartphone market and declining demand.

US vs India pricing

The iPhone 14 costs $799 in the US, i.e. approximately Rs 63,200.

But it likely won’t be that cheap once it arrives in India, with inclusions such as GST charges and import duties, among other things.

Also, Apple usually sets $1 as Rs 100.

The US price is similar to that of the iPhone 13 series, the same is likely to happen in the Indian market.

The iPhone 13 was launched for Rs 79,990, and the iPhone 14 could also be on sale at the same price.

iPhone 13 to become cheaper

Of course there are no official details yet, which are likely to come out when the iPhone 14 series is launched on September 13.

After unveiling the new series, the company will likely slash the price of the iPhone 13 series, similar to what it did with the iPhone 12 series in 2021.

Some specifications have leaked, however.

Chipset, camera

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max draw power from last year’s A15 chipset, while the Pro models may include the new A16 SoC under the hood.

The non-Pro models get the same dual rear camera setup as seen in the 2021 variants.

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max feature the new 48-inch triple rear camera setup megapixels.


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