Live Track Mumbai Local Trains Via Official Indian Railways App! How It Works?

Commuters in Mumbai can now track local trains in real-time using Central Railway’s Yatri app which is available on both Android and iOS.

It gives real-time information about trains so there should be no worries about delays.

Live alerts

For example, if someone wants to board the 6.06 pm Ambernath fast from CSMT they will receive an alert 15 minutes through the app.

Alerts can be set daily or weekly according to one’s needs. 

The app also informs users in case of any disruptions.

GPS data

The app uses the GPS data from the trains and collates with other factors to determine the position of a train.

The data comes from the GPS devices which are installed within the rakes and it gets refreshed every 15 seconds.

The live location feature works for trains running on the Central Railway lines since their GPS tagging was finished recently.

More trains, particularly the local ones and more railway lines are expected to be added once their GPS tagging is completed.

About the app

Yatri has been developed in collaboration with a private firm.

Its Google Play Store page mentions that it also provides details about passenger amenities at stations, as well as a timetable updated with real-time information about trains and live train alerts.

It is still in development, meaning more features are being added frequently.

Users will need to give the app location permissions to be able to use some features including finding nearby trains and stations.

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