Loan App Agent Calls Minister 50-Times In An Hour For Recovering Money; Arrested By Police

Recently in Andhra Pradesh, a call centre staff of a mobile loan app was continuously calling as many times as 50 within an hour and harassing the Andhra Pradesh minister Kagani Govardhana Reddy.

On Friday, the police raided him and he was in full shock as the police team from Andhra Pradesh raided the call centre located at Thirumangalam near Anna Nagar and arrested four persons for harassing the minister.

Cyber Crime Police Takes Charge

The matter is currently being handled by the cyber crime police and during the investigation it occurred to police that the call centre staff hired by loan application had hacked into the phone of a loan defaulter and got access to his contact list.

The man had taken a loan of Rs 8.5 lakh and failed to pay Rs 25,000 EMI.

Modus Operandi

Generally, the people from the loan recovery department call the defaulter and keep harassing them till they pay the money. However, in this case the callers targeted the contact list of the person.

One of the contact person in the contact list was that of the Andhra Pradesh Agriculture minister. When the minister was called repetitively, he approached the police and the police in turn filed a complaint in Nellore.

A team of cyber crime and special team initiated a probe into the matter after the complaint was filed. Then they traced the callers to a call centre in Thirumangalam in Tamil Nadu.

A mobile phone, a computer and other accessories were seized by the police team during the raid from the call centre.

The loan recovery agent work for the bank and recover the due debts from clients and organizations who owe them. 

Out of the total amount recovered, they get a small percentage of it. They are generally not part of the deal and are third party people. Sometimes they are directly involved in the deal, but majorly they are the third parties.


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