This macOS app makes it easy to convert videos to GIFs


There are times in our every day life when we go over an epic GIF opportunity, particularly when staring at the TV appears. Be that as it may, we will in general abandon making a GIF out of it as the procedure is typically confused, tedious, and the outcomes are regularly not as engaging true to form. Full stack engineer Jonny Thaw most likely had an excessive number of these circumstances, which is the point at which he saw the requirement for an application that could make the procedure of GIF creation a lot simpler ,and created Stacc.

Stacc is an application that can send out excellent GIFs from any video you may have on your Mac. In the engine, the application utilizes FFMPEG with changes made by the engineer to convey the most ideal yield without settling on quality.

The usefulness of Stacc isn’t simply constrained to GIFs. You can even trim out a specific segment from a protracted video into a short brilliant video. To begin, introduce Stacc on your Mac. When you’ve introduced the application, you should relocate the video from which you wish to make a short video or GIF to the application. The video will presently show up inside the application.

Stacc additionally enables you to change your yield a tad by offering width x stature alterations. Clients can likewise control the edge rate of the yield. It is important that on the off chance that you bring down the casing rate excessively, you will get a quick GIF that would be most likely unwanted. We’d prescribe keeping the edge rate around 15-25 fps which is a sweet spot for GIFs.

Here’s the manner by which Big Buck Bunny looks in our speedy test with Stacc. Very great, Isn’t it? Do remember that the GIF may be somewhat compacted as we have transferred it here. The genuine yield on our PC looks crisper than the GIF transferred underneath and has a size around 9 MB.

So, check out Stacc today to bring your on-point GIF game back on track and let us know your experience in the comments.


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