NASA Lab was hacked using $25 Raspberry Pi computer

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Hackers Use $25 Raspberry Pi Computer To Breach NASA JPL

Raspberry Pi is a little device that can be tinkered with to pick up misleadingly high capacities. This has been demonstrated by an ongoing report which affirmed that a NASA lab was hacked using a Raspberry Pi.

The rupture happened in April 2018 where NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) was hacked and 500MB of information from significant mission systems was stolen.

A government report of the episode affirmed that a Raspberry Pi was utilized to access the framework. It likewise featured the real security slips by that were available in NASA’s system for about 10 years and made the rupture conceivable.

The US Office of the Inspector General (OIG) audit expresses that a Raspberry Pi was associated with the JPL organize without approval.

After finding this feeble point, programmers abused the Pi to access the system and traded off JPL frameworks just as the Deep Space Network (DSN) — the world’s biggest and most delicate logical broadcast communications systems.

The report likewise uncovered how poor generally speaking framework security is at the world’s most unmistakable space organization. Evidently, the framework overseers did not reliably refresh the stock framework while adding new gadgets to the system.

The report referenced that one systems chairman admitted: “He doesn’t consistently enter new device into the ITSDB as required on the grounds that the database’s refreshing capacity now and again does not work and he later neglects to enter the advantage data.”

Additionally, the way that the system is a common one as opposed to sectioned, enabled programmers to move uninhibitedly between the various systems. Such a poor security setup could possibly enable programmers to obtain entrance and start “vindictive sign to human space flight missions.”

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