Now Microsoft Injecting Ads To Install Their Other Apps In Android


Microsoft has been utilizing the ‘Offer’ and ‘Open’ menu inside its Android applications to demonstrate inconspicuous adverts for its different applications.

Thusly, the Redmond-based tech mammoth is endeavoring to persuade its clients to introduce different applications created by them on the off chance that they are not as of now introduced on the user’s smartphone.

Android Police found that while attempting to share pictures utilizing a Microsoft application, the Share menu currently is publicizing an alternative to share the pictures utilizing OneDrive, regardless of whether it isn’t introduced on the client’s device.

Tapping on that alternative, which ordinarily incorporates the “Introduce” tag beside it will carry you to the Google Play Store, where you can download and introduce the application. The advertisement to introduce OneDrive when sharing pictures is appeared on the off chance that you have introduced Your Phone Companion application on the device.

Likewise, promotions have been infused into the “open with” menu on Android. For example, if a client attempts to open a record, for example, a .pptx, .xlxs, and .docx, users will be given the alternative to download Microsoft’s application, for example, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word, in view of the document expansion they are attempting to open.

Be that as it may, the conduct is seen distinctly in certain applications on the specific working framework. The promoting strategy is carefully restricted on Android Q, with the Share menu showing the name and symbol of the current application rather than the one Microsoft is proposing to introduce.

With the Android Share menu effectively entirely swarmed, this obscure publicizing contrivance whenever grabbed by other application engineers would just prompt all the more jumbling of the Share menu.

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