Sony is working on a successor to its original PlayStation VR that it released for PS4 back in 2016. The new PSVR2 will be made for the PS5 and will offer plenty of new features. While some of the hard details including the looks of the VR headset were revealed, the software experience that it would offer wasn’t revealed in its entirety. Now, Sony has officially shared some of the software features of the PSVR2, taking us closer to its release.

1. See-Through View

One of the most notable features that the PSVR2 will offer is the ‘See-Through View’ feature. This feature will allow users to see through the VR headset, which means, you don’t have to remove the headset to look often. This will be helpful for those who have small apartments or areas where the PS5 is placed. It will help them to not bump into a wall accidentally, while also allowing them to see where the controllers are placed so that they can quickly grab them and start VR gaming.

2. Cinematic Mode, up to 120Hz refresh rate

The PlayStation VR 2 will also offer 1080p visuals at different refresh rates. There will be a Cinematic mode allowing players to display games between 24Hz to 120Hz. Also, the PlayStation 5 interface will also be visible in the VR, which means you no need to remove the headset. The interface and native VR content will be displayed at 4000 x 2040 pixels and will refresh between 90Hz to 120Hz.

3. Customized Play Area

The VR 2 will also offer a customized play area. How it will work is, that you will have to first set the play area with the camera on the VR and then when you get too close to the boundary of the play area, you will instantly get a warning. This will again be helpful for gamers with small apartments.

4. Broadcast Yourself

In addition to this, the VR headset will allow you to broadcast yourself while you play games. For this, you will need to connect the headset to the PS5 HD camera. This is great for streamers on Twitch and Youtube.

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