The viral video of a ‘Boston Dynamics’ robot fighting back against humans is completely fake

Future Of Robotics and artificial intelligence

Boston Dynamics is an outstanding American building and robotics design company. As of late, Boston Dynamics distributed a video that exhibited a robot battling back against people. As you may have speculated, the video turned into a web sensation and at first sight, it appears to be undermining too.

All things considered, the whole video was a satire and the battle back scenes were made utilizing exceptional CGI and green-screen video impacts. So here’s all that you have to think about this issue.

Boston Dynamics Robot Fighting Back Against Humans

A Twitter record named as @kocizum shared a video this Friday that accumulated in excess of 13 million perspectives. All things considered, this video displayed people alarming the Boston Dynamics Robot by beating it with hockey sticks and seats, tossing balls at the robot, and notwithstanding raising ruckus to the vision and hearing sensors of this robot.

Later the Robot fights back and end’s up with a gun in his grasp. The robot even powers people to work for him.

Sooner or later, it was found that the video was only a farce and the whole video was made and transferred on YouTube by Corridor Digital channel. Indeed, Boston Dynamics was not by any means associated with the creation or dispersion of this abnormal and alarming video.

Passage Digital have additionally displayed a look at in the background toward the finish of this video. In addition, Corridor Digital have additionally distributed a total separate of this video on their channel.

Future Of Robotics and artificial intelligence

Robot & AI

Robots taking control over human beings has been a subject of numerous science fiction motion pictures in the course of recent decades. Despite the fact that, this video was a joke it unquestionably has a message covered up in it. The measure of data that AI and advanced innovations have about us is really undermining.

What do you make of this issue? Was this video a genuine look of things to come? Do tell us in the remarks area beneath.

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