This Indian Company Has Removed Attendance System For Employees! Does Companies Really Need Attendance System?

Logistics and supply chain solutions provider Redington India has scrapped its attendance system for employees in India.

This will be applicable to all Redington employees in India whether they are working from the office, home, or any other remote location.

Trusting its people

Sundar Rajan G, Vice President – HR, Redington India, said that trust is at the core of the company culture and that its employees are self-motivated with a strong commitment towards the company and its growth.

The idea behind removing the attendance system is to enhance the flexibility and efficiency of the workforce. 

It also helps strengthen “mutual trust and passion”.

Saving precious time

Aside from boosting staff morale, getting rid of the manual time and attendance program makes practical sense. 

There are disadvantages to consider. 

With a manual attendance program more time is devoted to processing payroll, faxing, emailing, and tracking down employees to verify hours.

No chance of time theft or human error

Time theft is another factor to consider. 

It can include things like employees taking longer lunches without reporting them, reporting the wrong clock in or clock out times, etc.

Not to mention the higher risk for human error with manual time and attendance processes.

Setting an example

Just one misplaced digit can lead to costly errors.

To sum it up, the attendance program can be inefficient and costly and employees should be trusted to be faithful.

It might do other corporates well to follow Redington’s example.

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