Top 5 Best TeamViewer Alternatives For Your PC Anywhere


In case you’re one of the individuals who needs to continue taking a shot at your get-away then you may know the torment of conveying a PC and embellishments constantly. Imagine a scenario in which you don’t have to hold up under that additional gear, possibly you can take a shot at your iPad or Android tablet.

And yet, you would prefer not to pass up some significant assets, archives or maybe some work that must be done on a workstation or work area. Or then again basically you’re perched on your lounge chair and need to get to something from your work area in another room. That is the place some remote work area programming can be of extraordinary assistance.

Now, what the heck is a remote desktop software?

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As you may know, remote work area programming or remote access programming gives you a chance to interface with your PC from any side of the world gave you have a functioning web association. Be that as it may, this is altogether different from a Virtual Private Network.

Utilizing a remote access instrument, you can do numerous things like mirror your PC over the web, move records, give help to another person remotely, etc.

There are a wide range of sorts of conventions bolstered by remote work area administrations to set up an association over the web. For instance, you get the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) on Windows. At that point there is the Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) convention, Remote Frame Buffer (RFB) among others.

TeamViewer is the most well known alternative out there

In the event that we talk about famous remote access administrations, I surmise TeamViewer is the most well known free remote work area programming out there. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario where for reasons unknown you don’t care for it and you’re scanning for some great TeamViewer choices out there.

You have arrived in the opportune spot. In this rundown, you can have the absolute best free options to TeamViewer that can enable you to make a remote work area association and access the required assets effectively.

5 Best TeamViewer Alternatives 2019

#01. AnyDesk

AnyDesk is the name that is taken quite often when talking about remote desktop software. But it also serves as a great TeamViewer alternative.

You can use AnyDesk by installing it on your machine and also as a portable app in case you just need to try it out. While there is a paid version, AnyDesk’s free version offers enough features if you’re just getting started with remote computing.

Best features of AnyDesk

  • Easy connectivity to remote machines using a unique device address.
  • Comes with a built-in chat feature.
  • Supports file transfer, remote screen recording, clipboard sync, remote printing and session history.
  • Supports login credentials for unattended access.
  • Supports multiple displays connected to the remote machine.
  • Can detect and connect to other AnyDesk machines over LAN.

The bad part

  • The user interface could have been better.
  • Some features are not that easy to use.

#02. Google Remote Desktop

Perhaps the most straightforward TeamViewer elective you can get is Chrome Remote Desktop. You may have caught wind of this free remote work area programming from Google ordinarily and it’s outstanding for its effortlessness. It depends on Google’s exclusive convention known as Chromoting.

One of the selling purposes of Chrome Remote Desktop is the way that it works inside your Google Chrome program. You don’t have to keep up a different application on your PC (with the exception of the instruments that you have to introduce while setting up a remote association).

Best features of Chrome Remote Desktop

  • It is an easy and simple to use remote desktop program.
  • Visually appealing user interface.
  • Can sync clipboard with remote device.
  • Supports remapping of keys on the remote device.
  • Supports multiple displays connected to the remote device.
  • Quickly connect to other devices using One-time passwords.

The bad part

  • The setup process is a bit tedious
  • Requires Google account for Remote Desktop connections (subjective).

#03. NoMachine

NoMachine is one more free TeamViewer elective that you can introduce on your machine. It utilizes an exclusive remote work area convention called NX to set up associations.

In any case, the catch here is that this remote access programming works better for associations over LAN. This implies you can’t get to your PC sitting in some furthest corner of your home.

Best features of NoMachine

  • Automatically list other NoMachine-installed devices on your LAN.
  • Hassle-free setup for remote desktop connection.
  • Provides multiple authentication methods.
  • Support for sharing different connected peripherals and file sharing.

The bad part

  • The user interface doesn’t look good
  • Some options aren’t easy to use.
  • Performance could have been better.

#04. Splashtop

Splashtop is one more option to TeamViewer that you can use to reflect your PC remotely. More than 9 years of its reality, this remote access programming has made a decent name over the business by giving a decent blend of video quality and inactivity over the remote association.

The free form of Splashtop comes stacked with highlights that can be sufficient for tenderfoots. You ought to incline toward this remote access programming in case you’re intending to for the most part associate with your host machine over LAN.

Best features of Splashtop

  • Seamless one-click connectivity to the remote machine.
  • Support touchpad gestures such as two-finger scroll, pinch to zoom, etc.
  • Offers good quality even on moderately fast connections.
  • Supports file transfer from a remote device.
  • Functionality can be extended by installing add-ons (paid).

The bad part

  • Requires two separate apps to be installed on both remote and client devices.
  • UI doesn’t look appealing.

#05. Windows Remote Desktop

Why go so far when a free TeamViewer option is directly there on your PC? Indeed, I’m discussing Windows Remote Desktop which comes in-worked in Windows 10 (and more established adaptations).

As you may definitely know, it utilizes Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol to associate with different machines over the web and LAN. The reason I have put it on the base of this rundown is that Windows Remote Desktop isn’t there on the Windows 10 Home version which numerous individuals use.

Best features of Windows Remote Desktop

  • Known for its reliability
  • Allows you to use printers and other peripherals connected to a remote machine.
  • Supports clipboard sharing from a remote device.
  • Provides encrypted remote connections with TLS support.
  • Works with Windows username and password

The bad part

  • Doesn’t work on Windows 10 Home edition
  • Enabling the feature is a little tricky.

So guys, these are some great TeamViewer alternatives that you can install on your computer to establish a remote connection. We’ll be adding more interesting apps, so don’t forget to check out this list in the future.


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