For Swiggy users, the Swiggy One membership is the best way to save delivery charges. With recent changes in membership benefits, every restaurant within a 10km radius delivers your food order for free. The membership currently starts at Rs 299 for three months, but that will change soon. A new Swiggy One membership section has revealed the food aggregator will hike the price to Rs 899 for three months from August 4.

With a hiked price of Rs 899, the Swiggy One membership will become three times costlier. Swiggy is urging non-subscribers to buy the membership before August 3 to avoid paying more if, in future, they decide to get on board. The price for the Swiggy One membership will, thus, remain Rs 299 for three months till August 3, according to the app. The annual price for the membership is currently Rs 899, and it is also likely to see a hike. The app, however, does not mention the new one as of now.

We have reached out to Swiggy to get more clarity on the revised prices and will update the article as soon as we hear back.

Swiggy One benefits

Swiggy One recently underwent an overhaul so as to include more benefits for customers. The food aggregator announced free deliveries for all restaurants, unlike only a few ones previously, within a 10km distance from your location. The minimum value for an order to be eligible for Swiggy One benefits came down from Rs 199 to Rs 149. Additionally, Swiggy announced an extra discount of 30 percent on eligible orders.

But while new benefits pitched Swiggy One as an even better service for ordering food and groceries online, the company did not increase the membership price. Swiggy One membership starts for as low as Rs 49 and goes up to Rs 899, depending on the number of days you subscribe to. And for people who are not sure whether or not Swiggy One will benefit them, there is a trial of 15 to 30 days. Swiggy will soon increase the membership prices, but whether it will make changes to the benefits should be clear in a few days.

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