Wipro Vs Infosys: Which IT Company Offers Higher Salary, Better Perks & Benefits?

Wipro and Infosys are two of the biggest IT firms in India and every year, thousands apply to work there. 

But it can be a challenge to decide which firm to pick. 

Keep in mind the most important parameters and how either company fares.

Work-life balance

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of work life balance and today that is one of the biggest requirements for anyone wanting to join a firm. 

85% of Wipro employees say that they have a healthy work-life balance.

86% of Infosys employees also agreed. 

Salary package

The very first thing on anyone’s mind. 

80% of the employees said Wipro offers a standard salary package and 82% in Infosys said the same thing about their employer.


It’s important to know what kind of a work environment one is getting into. 

82% of the employees feel that they work with friendly colleagues at Wipro.

80% of the employees said Infosys has a friendly atmosphere.

Compensation and benefits

With regards to pay and perks, Wipro employees gave the company a 4.2/5 rating.

People in Infosys gave 4.0/5 ratings to the firm.

It may be concluded that Wipro offers more compensation and perks to its employees.

Career growth

With regards to career growth opportunities, Wipro employees rated 4.1 out of 5 and Infosys employees rated 4.0 out of 5 for their firm.

Once again, this suggests that Wipro offers more career opportunities to its employees than Infosys.

Main takeaways

Both firms appear to be great places to work.

Wipro employees rated 0.2% higher than Infosys employees for compensation and benefits.

On the other hand, Infosys employees rated higher for salary packages.

Why not try for both?


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